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Name:Dr. Rob Chase

Inventory: Jeans, an ugly shirt, an ugly green track jacket, an ugly, mismatched tie, his labcoat, a bottle of Vicodin he was picking up for House, a stethoscope draped around his neck, some medical equipment that he was transporting to surgery that day. He's got a pen and a small crossword book tucked away for when he gets bored. And of course, boxers and a t-shirt.

Chase's entry point is after episode 2x03, Humpty Dumpty. The character of Dr. Robert Chase is from the series House M.D..

[Disclaimer: This is solely for fun, rp-based purpose. It is not real. Please do not think it is! Jesse Spencer belongs to himself and Chase belongs to David Shore]

Interests (13):

being dr. house's fellow, being ridiculously pretty, being scared of cuddy, dr. cameron, dr. foreman, dr. house, dr. wilson, my hair, my job, running, skiing in the alps, surfing, swimming
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